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Our journal's mission is to perpetuate a conversation, one that is ecumenical in nature and one that promotes a sympathetic interest in the success of each other's congregations, institutions and fellowships, and in so doing, the borderless cause of Christ and his church.


Current Issue

Squire Adamson: Or, ‘Where Do You Live?’

by Paul Peter Waldenström and translated by Mark Safstrom

This celebrated allegorical novel first appeared in 1862 as a series in the newspaper, The...

At Home in Halle

by Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom

Halle is a familiar place in the imaginations of those who love German Pietism. It...

The Scandinavian Detective and the Dissolution of a World

by Jay Phelan

Jay Phelan examines the social criticism found in Scandinavian crime fiction.