Nelson, Eloise

Eloise V. Nelson formerly served as communications director for North Park College and Covenant Ministries of Benevolence. She serves on the board of the Swedish-American Historical Society and resides with her husband, LeRoy, in Northbrook, Ill.

Hymn Festival ‘A Glorious Finale’ (Fall/Winter 2010)

A Hymn Festival brought a magnificent conclusion to the Covenant and Augustana Lutheran anniversary symposium at North Park University Nov. 5-6.

The Architecture of a Heritage (Spring/Summer 2011)

Almost all of our “Holiday Lights” travelers to Sweden last December had heard of P.P. Waldenström. And so on our way from Dalarna to Stockholm, it was a special delight to visit Gävle, the town where he lived and served for many years.

Painter Carl Larsson’s Link to Waldenström (Spring/Summer 2012)

Hanging in our den is a print of a portrait of the renowned Swedish preacher Paul Peter Waldenström. This prized possession of ours came from a friend, Paul Carlson of Belfast, Maine, who found several of these prints while poking around in an antiquarian store in Stockholm’s Old Town many years ago. He later gave them to friends he knew would value them.