Nyquist, Kaleb

Kaleb Nyquist is Director of Student Ministries at Ravenswood Evangelical Covenant Church , Steering Committee member of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, and a Master of Divinity & Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Chicago.

What is going on in Europe? (Spring/Summer 2018)

It was pleasantly warm the night of the Brexit referendum, or at least it was in New Orleans. I was in The Big Easy as part of a gathering of millennial faith leaders converged around the issue of global climate change. On our final evening together, the ministry students, like myself, were organizing a group rideshare down into the festive French Quarter. I was trying to convince some new friends, all professional policy wonks, to come join us in the excursion, but it was like convincing a sports fan to skip out on a league championship. They legitimately wanted to watch the Brexit results come in.