Peterson, Kurt W.

Kurt Peterson is a lifelong Covenanter (with a brief stint among Baptists when he lived in Oklahoma as a child), and resides in the North Park neighborhood. He worked at North Park from 2001-2012 as professor of history and associate dean for the humanities. He currently works as Assistant Vice President for Principal Gifts at Loyola University Chicago.

A Vision for North Park University (Spring/Summer 2017)

North Park University is seeking a new president. As a longtime member of the Evangelical Covenant Church and former faculty member at North Park, as well as a resident of Chicago’s North Park neighborhood, I personally have much at stake in the university’s long-term success. With thanks to President David Parkyn and his years of service for God and humanity, what follows is a vision for North Park as it moves forward. I offer this to the greater North Park community – faculty, staff, students, board of trustees, alumni, parents, donors, and friends – for consideration during this year of discernment. The ideas are not all new or uniquely mine, but represent a focused set of priorities regarding mission, vision, and leadership.