Sparrman, Bonnie

Bonnie Sparrman is a culinary instructor in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. She is the author of two books written to inspire mothers.

Taste and See: Chokladbiskvier (Fall/Winter 2014)

Nothing splits the inky darkness of a Scandinavian December like a slew of candles shining over a platter of Christmas cookies.

Kladdkaka (Spring/Summer 2016)

What is it that causes a person to return time and again to a certain coffee shop, friend’s home, park bench, library table or even to a specific corner of the airport? Why do we feel more welcome in one place, and less so in another?

Mazariner (Fall/Winter 2016)

I shared this with Eric on our return flight, asking “Why do you think I should write about mazariner?” Grinning, he quickly answered, “Because they are good!”

Fresh Herb Roasted Salmon (Spring/Summer 2017)

Food Ruts…we all fall into them. Even as I write, I’m chomping on one of my worst offenders … Skinny-Pop Popcorn, which if one eats half the bag, has nothing to do with “skinny.” But there are meal ruts as well: Taco Tuesday, pizza on Friday, burgers on Saturday. Or perhaps you begin each morning with the same breakfast cereal at least six days a week.

Skorpa for fika (Fall/Winter 2017)

Now for a truly Scandinavian classic. Skorpa may seem elementary, but it is so delicious, it would be a shame to go without. This crispy, golden slice-of-a-cookie, is a delightful marriage of flavor and texture. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or cappuccino; similar to its Italian cousin, biscotti, except it is more tender and easier on the teeth, thanks to the addition of butter.

Chocolate Icebox Cake (Fall/Winter 2018)

Imagine a cake that becomes a family legend. It all began for me when I agreed to marry Eric over three decades ago. I was informed by my husband-to-be that this cake has been the center of birthdays in his family for two generations.

Homemade yogurt and granola (Spring/Summer 2019)

Since you are reading this, I’ll assume you did something I did today. You got out of bed, got dressed, and hopefully ate something for breakfast.

Prinsesstårte (Fall/Winter 2019)

Discovering a new food anchors a slice of time in my memory like nothing else. Perhaps this is the case for you as well, but I doubt it is this way for everyone. Mnemonic peculiarities aside, it was December of my twelfth year when I first laid eyes on a princess torte.