Introduction to the Mission Meeting

by Phil Johnson

When I arrived at Salem Covenant Church, New Brighton, Minnesota, Friday evening, May 8, at five minutes to seven, I was delighted to see the parking lot well filled and I regretted that I had not been able to arrive earlier to promote subscriptions to Pietisten.

Just as I entered the gymnasium, site of the meeting and Salem's temporary worship setting while the sanctuary is being remodeled, the stringbands of Salem and Bethlehem Churches began to play. I felt the excitement of the music and the full congregation. The Mission Meeting was off to a good start.

The idea of calling a Mission Meeting grew out of the discussions of the editors of Pietisten. With the help of many people and the wonderful hospitality of Salem Church, Pastor Wiberg and the staff of Salem, the Meeting came to pass. We are delighted that it did since it was a blessing.

We decided to provide our readers with the proceedings of the Mission Meeting in this issue of Pietisten with hope and prayer that it will be a blessing to you also. The program of the weekend has been enclosed for a guide to the order of events.