Prismatic Christ

by Pauline Lenore Larson

Ms. Larson's poem from a collection of her poems, Broken Arcs, A Young Poet's Search for Connections, is published by permission of Covenant Press, Chicago

Its innocence is awesome, burning, piercing;
Its name is Power, and it pulses with earth-shattering
No merely gentle, meek-and-mild color is this.
Its tabs us through our hardened senses
And changes all who feel Its preset.
No mortal eye was framed to gaze into this Whiteness.
And thus — the Incarnation, prismatic separation
Into earth-born hues.
Someday when we are altered we'll
Meet Whiteness face to face.
Its shining glory and radiant might will be unveiled.
Till then, we see Its multicolored shadow,
We see Its Christ.