Sport Correspondence

Dear Pietisten Sports editor:
How dare you be so biased as to "rejoice" at seeing Notre Dame successful? I had hoped that West Virginia would defeat the Irish and that that depressed state would have something to cheer about, and here I read a sport report telling me how great Notre Dame is. It would be different if Pietisten were in some way connected with Notre Dame or the Catholic Church.

If this were an isolated incident, it could be overlooked, but you have been known to be unprofessional in the past as well. Get with it, Mr. Johnson. Don Nehlen, Coach, W.V.

P.S. Besides, how could you, a native Minnesotan, root for a team coached by Benedict Arnold?

Editor's note: Based on textual criticism, several of us suspect that someone other than Coach Nehlen wrote this letter. On the off chance that he did, we are sending him a subscription. We want him and you to know that Pietisten does not flinch at being in the past with respect to news. Besides, we stated that we had views, not news. The comments about Notre Dame in our last issue were written prior to their game with Southern Cal so, prophetic though we may have appeared, the West Virginia — Notre Dame showdown was not even in mind.