</h1> <p class="author">by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> <h3>February 15, 1989</h3> <p>Well, now for <cite>Pietisten's</cite> 1988-89 All-American Basketball Team</p> <p>1st team</p> <p>F — Danny Ferry — Duke</p> <p>C — Previs Ellison — Louisville</p> <p>F — Sean Elliot — Arizona</p> <p>G — Chris Jackson — Louisiana State</p> <p>G — Sherman Douglas — Syracuse</p> <p>2nd team</p> <p>F — Glen Rice — Michigan</p> <p>C — Stacey King — Oklahoma</p> <p>F — Tom Hammons — Georgia Tech</p> <p>G — Todd Lichti — Stanford</p> <p>G — Jay Burson — Ohio State</p> <p class="editorialnote">Editor's note: Consistent with the meaning of prophecy as forth-telling as well as fore-telling, our prophet has picked the college players for <cite>Pietisten</cite> to honor as the best in the land. <cite>Pietisten</cite> will send a free subscription to the ten players picked.</p> </article> <section id="sidebar"> <p id="pubInfo">Volume IV, Number 1</p> <p id="issueName"><a href="index.html">Spring 1989</a></p> <p id="series">From: <a href="/series/SportProphecy.html">Sport Prophecy</a></p> <aside id="author_bio"> <p class="author_photo"><img src="/images/authors/eric_nelson.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p>Eric Nelson is <cite>Pietisten</cite>'s sports prophet.</p> <p>See all articles by <a href="/authors/NelsonEric.html">Eric Nelson</a></p> </aside> </section> </main> </body> </html>