Our Fourth Year

We are less surprised at the fact that we have published Pietisten for three years (12 issues) than we were a year ago when we had published for two years (8 issues) or when we had published for one year (4 issues). The only thing more surprising than completing one year was getting out the first issue.

Note, though, that we say less surprising. The fact that the four of us get together every two weeks and end up sending out a journal that people subscribe to and read continues to surprise us when we rightly consider who we are.

There have been changes for each of us these three years. Peter is a proud father of Brita Marie, born by Joanie's hard work on July 30, 1989. Brita is beautiful. Peter plans to watch the home front and to continue his studies at Luther Northwestern Seminary. He is studying Process Theology and Pietism.

David is beginning his second year in Luther's doctoral program in pastoral counseling. He is engaged in counseling while he is studying and continues as Teaching Minister at Bethlehem Covenant. Because of his heavy schedule, we have a hard time getting articles out of him. Even when such do not appear, however, David is very much present

Tommy has been to Sweden. As you can see by his report in this issue (page 16), he was there this summer. His excitement and pleasure have been ours as well. The trip has enabled him to open up some new territory for us. In particular, he brought back several books on Nathan Soderbloom, the great Swedish Archbishop whom we intend to study, and Broderskap, (Brotherhood) the Christian Socialist Weekly, alerting us to their position, message, and work.

Phil has finished his MTh in Church History and Theology at Luther. His thesis The Ministries of Arnaldo of Brescia (a twelfth-century Augustinian) was passed with distinction. He is now resting on his laurels and promising to learn Swedish. He continues to enjoy and to be grateful for his counseling work but would like to do some teaching.

We are grateful to you for your support now and during these three years. Without your subscriptions, gifts, and readership, Pietisten would not be possible. Nor would it be possible without the contributions of many others. Sandy Johnson has edited diligently and given us excellent suggestions about both form and content. Bruce Carlson has helped with poetry, Eric Johnson has supplied sport prophecy, Art Anderson has provided a regular column, Steve Elde has created cartoons, and Bob Elde of The Society for Pure Reason has provided critical input and practical resources.

The list of authors who have contributed is too long to note here but we wish each of you to accept this acknowledgement as a further expression of our appreciation.

The late Brenda Ueland said that she prayed for "a thankful heart, a generous spirit, and jovial courage." We seek these gifts, too, along with some common sense.