Tribute to Bruce Carlson

by Phil Johnson

Bruce Carlson, Pietisten’s Poetry and Navigation Editor died Friday, July 28. He had courageously and creatively battled leukemia for several years. It appeared that he was recovering when difficulties arose. He died in the hospital when they were unable to bring him back from a second cardiac arrest. The service will be at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis Sunday, August 6.

Pietisten readers have enjoyed his Covenant Chris Craft, Museum of the American Outboard, and other “ads” through the years. A look at the index on this website reminds us of all the creative articles he wrote as well. It is not possible to capture the benefit of his thought and spirit to the conventicle that Pietisten is. He was a consistent and persistent friend and he was passionate about his North Park College heritage.

The obituary from the Minneapolis Star Tribune indicates the significance of his professional life. Bruce was named one of the one-hundred most influential persons in the arts in Minnesota history. He was our friend and we miss him. We think especially of his widow Deanna and of his son Max, Pietisten Arts Reporter, author of “On the Aisle” for many years and of his daughter Vanessa and family.

We are blessed by his legacy and will continue to be enriched by our memories of him.