Out and About

Out and About (Fall 1988)

Annual Meeting Report; Sport Report

Out and About (Winter 1988)

North Park Philosophy Academy Meeting Report - October 27, 1988; Sport Report

Out and About (Spring 1989)

Founder's Day 1989; Sport Report

Out and About (Summer 1989)

The Gustafson Lectures; A Seasonal Person; A Story-Telling Man; A Scientific Story; Sport Report; Sport Correspondence

Out and About (Fall 1989)

Covenant Annual Meeting Report; Mission Meeting June 1989; Sport Report; Pietists Dismount Mounties

Out and About (Winter 1989)

North Park Philosophy Academy, 1989; Church Planting Pietist Style; The Rolling Stones; Sport Report

Out and About (Spring 1990)

Founders' Day, 1990; Martin Marty and Vivian Jones; Transfiguration at Bethlehem; Sport Report

Out and About (Summer 1990)

Chicago Weekend; Philosophy at North Park; Pastor Norbert Johnson’s Farewell; Wanderings; William Coffin at Plymouth Church; The Authorized Version—Northrup Frye; The Gospel of Mark; Epcot Center

Out and About (Fall 1990)

Once again, for this reporter, I have been out and about a lot since last issue. The copy editor and I travelled to the East Coast of the United States where we stayed more than two weeks. We spent time in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire and in the ocean at Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Out and About (Winter 1990)

The Inaugural Lectures of the Gustafson Lectureship; North Park Philosophy Academy, 1990; Sport Report

Out and About (Spring 1991)

The Governor's Dinner; Launching the Karl A. Olsson Chair of Religious Studies at North Park College; Sport Report

Out and About (Summer 1991)

Schubert Club Concert, March 28, 1991; President Horner at Bethlehem, April 21, 1991

Out and About (Fall 1991)

Annual Meeting Report; Dagmar Soneson at Wooddale Church

Out and About (Winter 1991)

The Gustafson Lectures; The North Park Philosophy Academy; Dedication of the Nyvall Memorial

Out and About (Spring 1992)

Glen and Jane Wiberg’s Farewell at Salem; With Runar Eldebo; Couple Communication

Out and About (Fall 1992)

Live Big; Think Small. Toddler Room, September 6, 1992. North Park Wedding

National Crises: King David and Abraham Lincoln (Summer 1997)

If you have taken part in a study led by David Hawkinson, you know what a special experience it is. If you have taken a class or heard lectures by Zenos Hawkinson…, you know how imaginative and gripping his teaching is.

Spring Wedding Ushers in Summer (Summer 1997)

April showers fell from the eyes of both newlyweds-elect, but underneath the tears was a glow as strong as the summer sun.

Out and About (Fall 1998)

Pittsburgh Wedding; Happy 100th; North Park Seminary–A Going Concern

An Old Ball Player Takes His Final Break (Winter 1999)

The magnificent memorial service in Salem Covenant Church, New Brighton, the home church of Curtiss Johnson, reflected the wide range of his friendships and influence.

Out and About (Fall 1999)

Watching the Red; New Freedom in Kansas

Out and About (Spring 2001)

Six people were inducted into the Viking Club Athletic Hall of Fame at Anderson Chapel on the North Park campus. This writer had the privilege of presenting his favorite two—Bob Bach and Ivar Wistrom.

An Evening of Music at Covenant Manor, Golden Valley, September 7, 2001. (Summer 2001)

"Praying the Psalms" — John Weborg at Bethlehem Church. (Winter 2001-2002)

The Bethlehem Covenant Winter Seminar featured John Weborg from North Park Theological Seminary. John is a veteran professor at NPTS, one of the giants who, as the years pass and the culmination of a career comes into view, makes one ask, "How can there be a North Park Seminary without him?"

Out and About (Summer 2002)

First reflection on crossing the Atlantic; California Wedding

Out and About (Winter 2002-2003)

A Winnetka Summer Wedding; The Waters of Baptism

Out and About (Summer 2003)

Mountain View Wedding; The Mending of Creation—Krister Stendahl at North Park Seminary, February 25, 2003; North Park Basketball Reunion, March 1, 2003.

Out and About (Winter 2003-2004)

The Ad Hoc Society for Religion & Aesthetics; Report from Lisa Machado in Angola

Out and About (Fall 2004)

A Party in Seattle; Istanbul Wedding; International Falls Reunion

The Heart of Christianity (Winter 2004-2005)

Dr. Borg described two paradigms of Christianity in America. He named them “Earlier Christianity” and “Emerging Christianity.” There are significant differences between them. Borg believes that Christians need to look for ways to build bridges between these groups that can lead to shared Christian faith and fellowship.

Harvard’s Noble Lectures (Winter 2004-2005)

Dr. Timothy Johnson, Medical Editor of ABC News, delivered the 2004 William Belden Noble Lectures at Harvard Divinity School in November. This report is based on a recording of the three lectures.

Out and About (Winter 2005)

North Park Homecoming October, 2005

Pietisten West Coast Tour (Summer 2006)

For ten days (April 26 to May 6) Sandy and I visited the Seattle, Washington area as Pietisten editors. We were guests of Carl and Marcia Blomgren on Vashon Island, of Associate Editor, Nels Elde and Ann, and Jackie and Art Mampel in Seattle, Gordon and Chris Johnson in Snoqualmie, and my sister, Adele Stone, in Longview, Washington. I talked to the Adult Sunday School Class at historic First Covenant Church in Seattle (text available at Pietisten.org) and Sunday afternoon Sandy, Nels Elde, Karl Nelson, and I represented Pietisten at the West Coast Annual Meeting (more than 30 attended) hosted by Gordon and Chris Johnson.

Meeting at Lake Florida Covenant Church, June 6, 2007 (Spring 2007)

Lake Florida Covenant Church is the oldest Covenant Church in Minnesota, founded in 1870. It is a lovely, old, white church with a cemetery adjacent. Though it no longer hosts a regular congregation, it is always open to visitors. The pump organ and piano are in good condition and hymnals are out for use.

Out and About (Christmas 2007)

Seattle, Washington, July 17 and 18; Rock Island, Illinois, October 19; Prairie Village, Kansas, October 21; Petersons call trip to Kenya “a bath in hope.”