Youth Movement

Youth Movement (Christmas 2007)

Youth Movement (Spring 2008)

Axel John Nelson; Samuel Albin Hokanson; Elsie Evelyn Nelson Brown; Benjamin Sergey Spohr; Micah James Small.

Youth Movement (Christmas 2008)

Ayiera Muthanje Odenyo; Alexander Richard Prescott; Kajsa Ling Stanley-Erickson; Lucas Michael Pietro; Magdalene and Chloe May; Axel Emmanuel Stayko.

Youth Movement (Epiphany 2010)

Kelsey Marie Webster; Andreas Grover; Caleb Joseph Becker; Maxwell Chance Nelson

Youth Movement (Spring/Summer 2010)

Ian Andrés Mora Lund; Katherine Elisabeth Rork

Youth Movement (Fall/Winter 2010)

Youth Movement (Fall/Winter 2011)

Oskar Bryce Nelson; Henrik Luke Swanson

Samuel “Ueli” Erik HansPetersen (Fall/Winter 2014)

Welcomed into the world on August 6, 2014 to the delight of parents, Heidi and Jeff, and big sister, Svea.