Spring Wedding Ushers in Summer

by Nels Elde

The last day of spring, a stormy June 20, marked the beginning of a marriage between two vital, young Lutherans. Nathan Eklund, past Pietisten contributor, and Erika Peterson exchanged vows at Gloria Dei Lutheran church in St. Paul, Minnesota. On hand to assist with the ceremony were two young men familiar with the pages of Pietisten. Nels Elde played the role of best man and humor coordinator (with limited success), while Jon Hokanson performed beautifully as an usher.

After stirring scripture readings from grandparents on both sides of the aisle, Susan Peterson, pastor of Gloria Dei and mother of Erika, delivered an emotional sermon. April showers fell from the eyes of both newlyweds-elect, but underneath the tears was a glow as strong as the summer sun. Beautiful hymns and music punctuated the event.

After the kiss (which in the opinion of this Covenanter lasted too long) the wedding party, family, and friends adjourned to the Minnesota History Center on the outskirts of downtown St. Paul. The marble hallways echoed and rung with the joy of the occasion as the wedding day culminated in music, dancing, and conversation late into the night.

Nathan and Erika have taken up residence in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul. Erika continues to work at a local theater as a coordinator of corporate sponsorships and promotions while taking graduate courses at the University of St. Thomas. Nathan is spending his summer perfecting a new hobby, making dehydrated fruits and beef jerky. He will return to Orono High School this fall as an English teacher and soccer coach. The couple seem to be thoroughly enjoying their fresh marriage and, of course, summer.