To Pietisten Members: Annual Meeting Challenge

by Phil Johnson

Now we’ve passed a dozen years
Most boos are gone, there’s mainly cheers
That give delight to calm our fears
And move our tender hearts to tears.

It’s nice to know, in fact it’s swell;
When people read us they don’t yell.
Instead they say along the way
The nicest things and make our day.

Of course the truth is they are us—
Nine-hundred strong on this here bus.
Only the earthbound in this count
There’s lots more at the celestial fount.

As they pass, their loss we mourn
And then rejoice as they’re reborn
Gone is Zenos, Karl, and Curtiss
Just a few of those who bless us.

So now let’s reach a higher realm;
Let’s move forward to the helm.
It’s time that we pick up the pace
And, with love, conquer Cyberspace.