Out and About in India

by Nathan and Erika Eklund

We have returned from our travels having had an amazing time. We’ve been traveling through India for seven weeks which allowed us to see most of the country, or at least a good part of it. Traveling in India is remarkable. You constantly see and smell things that you never dreamt you would. Although the sights and sounds are astounding, just getting yourself from point A to point B was often the real adventure. We’ve been on planes, trains, jeeps, camels, rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, boats, taxis, and scooters. Very few things in India work out quite the way one would expect, so our travel tales at times sound make-believe.

We spent countless hours waiting for trains and then sat for countless more once the train actually started. Our drunk cycle-rickshaw driver weaved through dense traffic on New Year’s and a drunk taxi driver tried to drive us through Old Delhi at four in the morning. We’ve been on a ferry with our scooters crossing a river in Goa and we’ve spent the morning looking for dolphins on a rickety wooden fishing boat with a fisherman named Sevi Fernandez. We’ve seen the sunset in the desert and the sunrise over the Arabian Sea. We’ve eaten rice and dahl a few feet away from our camels, and chili-fried baracuda on the beaches of southern India. These past weeks were some of the greatest of our lives.