Moving On

by Phil Johnson

Sixty issues—year nineteen,
Lots of ink on paper seen.

Words by the thousands out the door
Searching for a mental shore.
Many fall harmless to the floor
Others hit the mark and score.

As readers pay, our spirits soar
And time together counts for more.
While we wonder what’s our core—
Hoping not to be a bore,

Thousands surf to our web site
Traveling at the speed of light.
It’s a wonder beyond us quite
Good thing Karl’s very bright.


Of caving in, let’s no more talk
We may not run but we can walk.
Only Nels and Karl now are jocks,
Yet we’ve got guys who still wear frocks.

Some may call us obsolete
But we can take a lot of heat.
Our age alone is quite a feat
So let’s stay in the driver’s seat.

More mature with every minute,
We have yet to reach our limit.
We’ve nineteen years with lots of class,
Now to twenty let’s raise our glass!