Sundog and The Upland Pines III

27 poems of the North 11

by Sydney Giovenco

I just got to this side of the shore
And I am trying to settle down
At the edge of the late afternoon hours-
That time between the crimson and the dark.

I bring admissions and confessions
To the winter sky-
My mute friend of many years.

Sworn to silence, my winter friend
Cannot reveal our meeting place
Cannot repeat a word spoken
Or a deed seen and done
In the four corners of the wind.

This is an authentic, faithful friendship-
A Sealed Covenant
Between a spirit and a sky - so brief in daylight.

And when I am caught in a quiet monologue
Of Verses, and Legends - the lore of the loved one
In the open road,
My friend remains dignified
In the crimson and the dark-
And keeps a Covenant with me.