News and Notes

Wedding Bells in Luanda

Paulo and Rossana

December was more than Christmas in Angola. Joy reined supreme as Paulo Diarra and Rossana Carneiro exchanged vows with the blessings of Alberto Ferreira Carneiro and Joana Felipe de Freitas, parents of the bride, and Diarra Sadek Boubacar and Dolinda Bebiana de Almeida, parents of the groom. Paulo is a graduate of Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota and a former Bethlehem Pietist Viking basketball player. When he played for the 1989 City-Wide Champs, he was known as the "Angolan Airforce." The couple lives in Luanda where Paulo operates his own business.

Pietisten Mountain Climbers

Pietisten Mountain Climbersprepare to climb Mount Rainier. They are: Hans-Erik Blomgren, Kari Johnson, Steph Johnson Blomgren, Jon Hokanson, and Ryan Eikenbary-Barber. This stalwart crew ventured onto the slopes of the great mountain but, along with other climbers, they were driven back by snows and high winds. The mission to plant Pietisten’s flag atop Rainier has been postponed. The date will be announced in ample time.

Some climbers were rescued off the mountain by helicopter. Both the climbers and Pietisten are disappointed, but all are grateful that these fine young persons escaped further danger and death.