Gunny's Swedish Pancakes

by Gunny

Whip with a whisk until mixed:

6-7 eggs (depending on size)
2-3 tbsp sugar; 1 tsp salt
Add and mix: 2 cups whole milk
Add and mix: 2 cups unbleached flour (spoon and level)
Add: 1 stick melted butter
Add: 2 more cups whole milk

Let set overnight in refrigerator.

Melt tsp or so of butter in frying pan. Use very hot (medium high) well seasoned cast-iron pan. Pour in a little batter. When the top is dry, turn with a flexible spatula. Fry other side for a short time and flip out. Pour in next batter. Fold in half and arrange on a platter or in a pie plate.

They can be covered tightly with heavy duty foil and frozen. Thaw before using. Reheat in a very low temp oven for 1 1/2 hours or so at 275°.

"Lycka till!"