News and Notes

Pastor Hawkinson Installed

David Hawkinson and Bob Dvorak at Jericho Covenant Church, Jericho, Vermont. Sunday, July 19, David was installed as Pastor of the Vermont congregation. Con-ference Superintendent Dvor-ak was on hand to do the installing.

Anja Eikenbary-Barber Arrives

There are photos that reveal papa Ryan, Associate Pastor of Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis, wearing a Pietist-en tee-shirt at the delivery. Anja has already indicated that she will follow in the footsteps of Mor i Vall who started an orphanage in Sweden in the 19th Century. Anja is very pleased with her mother and father and she can't stand the thought of a child without a home.

Out West

Frances Eloise Nelson Magnuson

Stella, four, proudly displays the little bundle of joy, Frances Eloise, born September 8, 2002. The sisters are the daughters of Stephanie and Kendall of Seattle, Washington.

The family that reads together stays together.

The Carlsons and Johnsons enjoy their favorite Journal

Here's Anna Grace

Anna Grace Carlson, born December 13, and her mother, Amy, delight in each other. Anna is the daughter of Lars and Amy Carlson. Tommy Carlson, Waldenström Translator and Pietisten Contributing Editor, is the proud Grandfather.

And Ian Machado

Ian emulates his fine, big brother, Elliot. Ian arrived this summer on August 26, so has reached the age of five months. Eduardo and Lisa Machado are the pleased parents of these young men.

Associate Editor Turns 30

Pietisten's Nels Elde reveals his primary allegiance at his 30th birthday party. Elde, who has been Associate Editor since age 17, said that he intends to continue in his editing role despite his concern that his advanced age may present a problem of trust among younger readers.