Out and About

by Phil Johnson

A Winnetka Summer Wedding

The Winnetka Covenant Church was the setting for the beautiful summer wedding of Julie Nilsen, daughter of Paul and Mary Nilsen, and Peter Johnson, son of Randy and Judy Johnson. The ceremony was con-ducted by Peter's uncle, G. Timothy Johnson on August 10, 2002.

There was a definite North Park taste to the sweetness of the event as many of the participants, including the musicians and Godfather of the groom, Mel Soderstrom, were former North Parkers.

Peter and Julie both attended North Park, but somehow their paths did not cross there. They were brought together through a blind date arranged by some former classmates. Julie's mom, Mary, and Peter's dad, Randy, grew up together in Rockford in the same neighborhood, are the same age, were in church nursery together, attended the same elementary and high schools, had the same piano teacher, sang in a church quartet together, and attended North Park together.

Following the ceremony, the community of family and friends welcomed the bride and groom at a reception held at the Evanston Country Club. Peter is an attorney who works for the Council of Great Lakes Governors as Chief Policy Analyst. Julie is a kindergarten teacher. The happy couple are making their home in Glenview, Illinois. —Pietisten Wire Service

The Waters of Baptism

Saint Ambrose was not baptized until just before he, a layman, was anointed Bishop of Milan in 374 CE. At the time, he was in his mid-30s and Governor of Aemilia and Liguria whose capital was Milan. His election (unanimous) surprised him, he was baptized and, during his wonderful pastoral career, he baptized thousands. Augustine, the famous Bishop of Hippo, was converted through the preaching of Ambrose.

The waters of baptism still flow at Saint Ambrose Catholic Community in Woodbury, Minnesota, where Ian Zua Leither Machado was baptized Sunday, January 12. The occasion was joyous and the setting a delight. The large new church was filled for Mass. When the Pastor announced the children's service, a huge flock of children arose and flowed out of the sanctuary as if they were following the Pied Piper.

Five-month-old Ian was a model child both before and after he entered the Kingdom. His proud parents, Lisa and Eddie, will be moving with their sons Ian and Elliot to Africa in a few months. They will live in Angola and work at building the information infrastructure of the country.

Blessings on this fine family and thanks to them for their friendship and for providing this occasion to visit the waters of Saint Ambrose Church.