Poems for Claire

by Arthur Mampel

Sleepy Head

The rising moon is huge and bright
And baby still is wide awake.
She finds it hard to sleep at night
Even if “for mommy’s sake.”
She plays all day among her toys
And finds them hard to put away
Claire works so hard to bring us joy
Her work is what adults call play

Her Majesty

When she walks to any room
All eyes will watch her every move
We wait upon her when she points,
Her majesty commands the joint!
She seems to know that she’s in charge
And all who serve her, small or large,
Will try her every need to please.
When she demands, we bend our knees.

Gift Giver

Her wealth she gives to any guest
Who happens on her company
On laps she’ll pile all the best
From her vaulted treasury.
Toys, puzzles, dolls and bunnies
Or anything that daddy buys
But do not laugh or think it funny
Or little Claire will surely cry.


Is a giant dog who follows Claire around
He licks up everything she drops
From high chair to the ground.
Her doggy does not know his power
When playing with our girl.
His height is like the Leaning Tower;
She topples when he whirls.
Yet still their play is fun to see,
The Big Dog’s notoriety.