Tribute to Dorothy Frances Swenson Lindquist


Dorothy, a long time friend and supporter of Pietisten passed away on Thursday, October 26, 2006 at the age of 99. She was the mother of three, grandmother of six, and great-grandmother of seven. She was preceded in death by her husband Frank and her brothers Gilbert and Wallace Swenson.

Dorothy was born on June 26, 1907 in Fitchburgh, Massachusetts. Her parents, immigrants from Sweden, met at the Swedish church in Fitchburgh. At the age of seven Dorothy and her family moved to Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania, to be near her relatives. In Harbor Creek Dorothy learned to milk a cow, crochet, and bake a cake. When she was eight the family moved to Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania, nearer her father’s work. Her mother died later that year. Her father, Albin, later married Jennie Olson, and they had two sons and a daughter—Wallace, Charles, and Marion.

Dorothy, whose faith was always important to her, was confirmed at the Swedish Mission Church in Erie, Pennsylvania. After graduating from East High School in 1924, Dorothy sacrificed her plans to study nursing at Swedish Covenant Hospital in order to fulfill one of her father’s last requests—to help her brother get through college.

On September 14, 1929, Dorothy married Frank Lindquist. They had three children. Frank worked at General Electric and Dorothy worked as a homemaker and raised their daughters. After Frank retired, he became ill and Dorothy nursed him until his death. She stayed active in Calvary Covenant Church until its closing. Dorothy spent her final years enjoying her family. She particularly enjoyed working in the kitchen and she was famous for her Swedish rye bread, which she continued to bake until her death. She wrote in a letter this past August, “I don’t know why the Heavenly Father keeps me around. Well, I’m going to make some rye bread.” In fact, she also helped to can 40 quarts of pears a month before her death.

At her funeral Dorothy was remembered as a patient, non-judgemental woman whose steady faith had a calming influence on all who knew her. When they came to her for advice, several of Dorothy’s grandchildren shared, she always gave them the perfect Bible verse on which to meditate.

Dorothy read and reflected on the Bible and remembered everyone in her prayers daily. Her strong faith made her a quiet force in the lives of many. We will miss her prayers on our behalf, as well as her delicious rye bread. We will miss most of all Dorothy herself. —Tribute to Dorothy by her Family.

On behalf of the editors of Pietisten Phil, Peter, David, and myself, we wish to express our deepest sympathy to Dorothy’s family, in her moving on to her Father’s house. I am very sure of Dorothy’s prayers for me. It is people of faith, like Dorothy , who I know have sustained me spiritually, and her absolutely delicious rye bread has sustained our bodies. God’s Peace on Dorothy.