Poems for Claire

by Arthur Mampel


Now Daisy is a tiny pup
Her head is down, her tail up
Once gripped too tight, a ball so tossed
Her two front teeth were sadly lost.
She chases everything around
From Frisbee to a bone
She entertains us like a clown
She picks us up when we are down
She sets the happy tone

Time For Bath

Sudsy water now awaits
With wind-up frog and rubber duck,
That warm and ready bedtime date
When Claire jumps down, then splashes up,
That time before she goes to bed,
Before her Mommy lays her down,
Before this gentle word is said,
“Goodnight sweet Claire, may dreams abound.”

The Little Scholar

Tries to count and say her ABC’s.
Claire seems so ready to excel
She wants so hugely to do well,
Both Mom and Dad are pleased.
Learning is such curious fun
When everything’s so new
And hardly has her day begun
When “one plus one makes two.”