Meeting at Lake Florida Covenant Church, June 6, 2007

Lake Florida Covenant Church is the oldest Covenant Church in Minnesota, founded in 1870. It is a lovely, old, white church with a cemetery adjacent. Though it no longer hosts a regular congregation, it is always open to visitors. The pump organ and piano are in good condition and hymnals are out for use.

On a fine Wednesday, 11 people hosted by Chuck and Nancy Gustafson of Willmar, Minnesota, visited the church, enjoyed its ambiance, picked up the hymnals, and began to sing. More than 90% of these folks were former North Parkers. They filled the old building with the words and tunes of hymns they had sung since childhood. The hopes and dreams of their parents and of the founding fathers that North Park Junior College and later the four-year school would provide educated Christians and a future for Covenant churches and that North Park would help Covenant young people into a life-long Christian walk, were proven fulfilled on this Wednesday afternoon in the Minnesota countryside.