The Reign of Hope

by Dick Stahl

Okay, so let it rain.
Let the fresh water resurrect
your parched lawn
and thirsty soul. Watch it soak in
and disappear
like some magic potion
through the pores
and green your own spirit
like some wild tonic
from heaven. Smell the sweet perfume
of the lily of the valley around
the shores of your home, of the bushing lilacs
in your arid front yard
as they swallow the manna
and thrive on
your neglect. No wonder the blossoms
of this pair lure you outside
for every welcome
puddle and promise
of better weather. Let the rain gauge overflow
with soul-saving moisture. Open
your mouth
and taste one drop
of fresh hope, one drop
of tears that change everything
in Christ’s kingdom. No need for
a hoe or rake or garden
trowel. No digging needed here. Once
the roots are wet,
you’re free.