News and Notes

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Bentz

On a very pleasant, rainy afternoon and evening in July, Elizabeth (Ibet) Elde and Jesse Bentz married on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Holly Lane Farm, the wedding site, cannot be surpassed for sheer loveliness, not could the bride.

Bocce ball (young Aaron Tampte was the outstanding player) and backyard baseball were major pre-wedding activities. The Holly Lane barn sheltered us for the wedding ceremony and for dancing later in the evening. A superb tent shelter allowed us to dine in the open air without getting soaked.

Ibet is sister to Pietisten Associate Editor, Nels Elde, and the daughter of Carol Elde and Bob Elde. Jesse spent growing up years on Bainbridge. These great young people met at the University of California in Santa Cruz on Monterrey Bay. They reside in Portland, Oregon.

Meet the Hallingberg-Lovolls

Dr. Gunnar Hallingberg, former rektor of Sodra Vatterbygden Folkhogskolan of Jonkoping, Sweden, educator and author on Swedish mass media, and author of two volumes, soon to be published, on the literature of the revival movement called Lasarna (the Readers) was united in marriage to Audny Hallingberg-Lovoll of Eidsdal, Norway this past June. They were married by a parish priest of the Church of Norway in the chapel in Geiranger, Norway. In a letter to Glen and Jane Wiberg about their marriage, Gunnar says: “I have had a busy time these last three months, but wonderful. I feel happy and astonished! Someone wants meeeee, wants to share her last years with mine!! I am 80 and she is 77, we are in love and grateful for being two-in-one through the holy matrimony, again, in spite of our age. Gunnar is a long-standing friend of Pietisten and we wish the Hallingberg-Lovoll union our heart-felt congratulations and best wishes!