Youth Movement

Personality is like nothing else in the world, there is nothing with which it can be compared, nothing which can be placed on a level with it. When a person enters the world, a unique and unrepeatable personality, then the world process is broken into and compelled to change its course, in spite of the fact that outwardly there is no sign of this. Personality finds no place in the continuous complex process of world life, it cannot be a moment or an element in the evolution of the world. The existence of personality presupposes interruption; it is inexplicable by any sort of uninterruption; it is inexplicable by any uninterrupted continuity. — Slavery and Freedom, Nikolai Berdyaev, p. 21.

Ayiera Muthanje Odenyo. Wanjira, Martin, and big brother, Kwenje, happily welcomed Ayiera in June. Ayiera’s name comes from Nyanza, western Kenya. ln Luo, the closest meaning is “chosen one.” “Muthanje,” after her maternal grandmother in Embu, means “a reed.” “Odenyo,” the family name, comes from Ayiera’s paternal great grandfather, who was a pioneering leader in the community. Among other things, he founded a primary school in 1929. Ayiera will be baptized in Embu, Kenya, her mother’s home village, on January 1, 2009.

Alexander Richard Prescott joined his mom and dad, Cassie and David, in Laconia, New Hampshire, on July 16. David and Cassie think Alex is the best thing going as do Grandma Michelle and Grandpa David Plourde. This was Grandma Robbie’s first grandson. She says: “He is a very happy and beautiful baby and I do adore the little guy.” Husband, Marty, and Grandpa, David Prescott share her delight.

Kajsa Ling Stanley-Erickson. After many years of waiting, Cathy and Jim Stanley-Erickson have welcomed their daughter, Kajsa Ling, into the ever-growing Pietisten readership! Cathy and Jim went to China on June 24 and received Kajsa on June 29. They all returned to Madison, Wisconsin, where Cathy and Jim are Co-Pastors at Arbor Covenant Church, on July 11. Kajsa’s birthday is July 25, 2007 and she is from Jiangxi province. And the answer is yes: you CAN access pietisten.org from China! —Daddy Jim

Lucas Michael Pietro was welcomed, all 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 201/2 inches, by Mommy Kristen and Daddy Michael at 8:17 a.m. on Nov. 28. Grandma Annette and Grandpa Dan (Doc) Pietro were ecstatic. Grandma Robbie said of her second grandson (both featured in this issue of Pietisten): “He’s such a perfect baby and as you can see, he’s beautiful!!” Robbie and Aunties Shannon and Kelly were in Gahanna, Ohio, for Luke’s arrival.

Magdalene and Chloe May peacefully repose in the presence of their pleased mother, Hirut, and proud brother, Sem. The twins were born April 9. They delight the Bethlehem Covenant congregation and were baptized at Bethlehem, June 29.

Axel Emmanuel Stayko arrived on September 26. At that time he was introduced to his mommy, Heather, daddy, Chad, and sister Kajsa. He resides in South Minneapolis and attends Bloomington, Covenant Church. His name means “source of life.” Isn’t that great?