News and Notes

Associate Editor, Dr. Nels Elde, publishes article in Nature.

Pietists value education. Pietist convictions were the impulse for August Herman Francke to establish his excellent, ground-breaking school in Halle. Before Francke, Luther enlisted the Mayors of the cities of Germany to establish schools for public education, half the cities did. Pietists love learning and have faith in the benefits of education. We are given to understand that it is a major achievement to be published in Nature. We are proud of Nels and his work.

Soccer leads to love and marriage.

Deb Swanson and Justin Webster met playing soccer. According to reports neither yielded an inch so the only solution was marriage. The wedding took place in the McNamara Center of the University of Minnesota, November 14, 2008.

Missouri Magic.

Jann and Lance Betts became husband and wife on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks in the presence of delighted witnesses. The weather checked its initial urge to rain and the sun shone forth on the event. The mother of the bride, supported whole-heartedly by the bride’s father, designed and decorated the already lovely sight. The bridal procession begin with the arrival of a boat bearing Jann (with her entourage), perhaps like Viking maidens of old, to shore to be wed. The couple will reside in Gunnison, Colorado, where they teach school, ski, hike, and run.