Poem: Putting the Garden to Bed

by Yenta

Please not yet. May I have another story?
The last one was rather short
And I am sure I have missed something.
We need to remember the bluebirds, the great heron,
The owl-hawk and the fox running through by surprise.

I don’t want us to forget those soft, furry buffalo
Nuzzling us by the screened porch door.
You remember, the ones with birch leaves and berries
Woven into their horns. And what about the rabbit family
Turning somersaults in the sage? We didn’t count all the babies.

I need another glass of water. It has been dry this summer.
My sheets don’t feel quite right. Will you rake the wrinkles
Before you leave? It is going to be a long winter.
I don’t like cold breezes. Please tuck in the blankets.
The tomatoes are still green. Is not winter being too hasty?

Please don’t go, just five more minutes.
You haven’t sung a song.
How about fly me to the moon? You can improvise.
I don’t care if you are a little off key.
There is so much more we could do with just a bit more summer.

Here comes the snow, oh NO!
I know, it is magical and has much beauty to offer.
OKAY, where are the skates and toboggans?
And to the fireflies who hovered over the marsh
See you next summer and in my winter dreams.