Advent is Here

by Carl Boberg and translated by Mark Safstrom

A sigh amidst our earthly woes,
the whisper of God’s peace now grows
into the angels’ anthem.
Anticipation fills each heart,
the Spirit’s gentle songs impart
new hope to every kingdom:
“O, mortal, greet him without fear –
Advent is here, O Advent is here!”

To live with us, the Son of Man
will trade his rightful throne, and plan
a humble incarnation.
He’ll lavish our forsaken race
with heaven’s light, his love and grace,
and reconciliation.
An eastern light is shining clear –
Advent is here, O Advent is here!

His march is bright and glorious!
Above him songs victorious
are played on harps of Salem.
Around you, faithful heart, he brings
the shelter of his snow white wings,
to guard you from all harm.
What prophets told, shall soon appear –
Advent is here, O Advent is here!

The message that he came to share
of God, his grace and tender care,
is matchless through all hist’ry.
Prepare your heart, a sacred room,
and let God’s light in full consume
all darkness, fear and myst’ry.
Declare this wonder far and near –
Advent is here, O Advent is here!

Rejoice below, be glad on high!
The Word of Life is coming nigh
to lift your veil of mourning.
He comes to lead the weary home,
comfort the suffering and alone,
and gather all the waiting.
All sorrow soon will disappear –
Advent is here, O Advent is here!