Post: Readers Respond

“Certainly wouldn’t want to stop this subscription for one minute.”

Doris O. Barton, Cobalt, Conn.

“Thanks for all your hard work on Pietisten — I enjoy it!”

LeRoy Carlson, Chicago, Ill.

“I enjoyed the presentations by Pietisten at the June 2010 biennial national gathering of the Augustana Heritage Association held in Rock Island, Illinois, and also your subsequent publications. It might be noted that the nineteenth century pietists of Sweden were not only outside the Lutheran state church in Sweden, but also originally, and continuing, were very much part of a spiritual läsare pietism renewal movement among many members inside the state church. Many of them were nineteenth century Swedish immigrants to the USA, including the Rev. Dr. Olof Olsson and his party which settled Lindsborg, Kansas in 1869. He went on to become president of Augustana College and Theological Seminary in Rock Island. You undoubtedly are aware of the many contemporary national publications of Swedish-America, not all of them religious, including Augustana Heritage Assocation www.augustanaheritage.org; Swedish-American Historical Society (headquarters at North Park, Chicago) www.swedishamericanhist.org; the Swedish Council of America www.swedishcouncil.org (with affiliate organizations including American-Scandinavian Association of the Great Plains with headquarters in Lindsborg, Kansas. The ASA has a periodic newsletter); The Swedish Council of America also publishes Sweden & America quarterly magazine (formerly The Bridge) in cooperation with The Swedish American Center in Karlstad, Sweden (formerly Emigrant Registret) www.SwedenAmerica.se. Annual subscription $10 if sent through ASA-GP (or $20 if sent direct to SCA). Addresses: SCA, 2600 Park Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407 U.S.A. The SAC (National Institute for Migration Research and Cultural Exchange), Residenstorget 1, Karlstad, P.O. Box 331, S-65108 Karlstad, Sweden.”

A. John Pearson, Lindsborg, Kans.