The Body

by Arthur Mampel

Won’t be around forever
So start getting it right!
Otherwise what’s it all for?
All those doorways – in and out
The walkways of people going by you unnoticed
The café where you dunk your donuts
And the peanut man at the ballpark
Who tosses you a bag from behind his back
The waves and smiles of neighborhood folk
Digging in their rose beds
Look at them while you can
See their eyes
How they drop when they don’t want company
Or how they smile when they do
And the postal clerk who passes you on the street
In her summer uniform
Digging in her bag to find the second class mail
For Mr.Clayborn Seward
Who lives just two blocks from your door
I could go on forever
But I’ve got a limp in my left leg
And my cough is deeper now
And the doctor tells me the prognosis isn’t good
And when I feel this way I can lower your spirit
And bring you down
So get it right while I’m still around
You haven’t got all day!