Muriel Lindahl

1926 — 2013

by Phil Johnson

Muriel lent her skills to Pietisten. She set up our former filing system. For years, Muriel teamed with Elder and friends to address and put stamps on Pietisten mailings. She was truly competent. Kindness and gentleness were Muriel Lindahl trademarks. If you did not have a chance to see her in action, you might not have guessed what a power house she was.

Muriel Johnson was born in Chicago and grew up in the city. She graduated from Wheaton College in 1947. In 1950 she married Elder Lindahl. They raised their family in the North Park community in Chicago. They have four children: Kristine, Wesley, Paul, and Renee, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Muriel had a continuing interest in emotional growth potential and psychology. She did extensive research in this area and wrote the book, It’s All in a Nutshell, in 2004. Her basic premise, as described in the introduction, is that, “Emotions, like fear and love, determine all our decisions and actions: therefore we deal with them all the time. Potentially, we have the capacity to control these emotions so that we can make thoughtful and refined responses to life’s challenges.”

She said, “I can accept, and need not question, the good and the bad from life knowing that they are both part of the human condition. Christ, my brother, has finished the race and I see Him on the finish line encouraging me on.” She encouraged others in their own development toward maturity. The achievements of Muriel and Elder’s children shows the quality of her guidance.

Chaplain John Satterberg said, “I salute Muriel for daring to think deeply about her own life and faith so that she could present herself as mature in Christ. I salute her for taking the risk necessary to grow and develop. I salute Muriel for her compassion as she encouraged others on the journey toward a mature faith. I thank her for reminding us of God’s all-encompassing love for us which encourages us to make choices, take risks, and be responsible. I thank her for reminding us that God gives us the freedom to chose to love and serve him.”

Pietisten salutes Muriel and her life companion Elder. Blessings on the family and blessings on Muriel’s memory.

— Gathered by Phil Johnson

[Memorials are directed to North Park University.]