The Window

by Arthur Mampel

The window this morning busy as television views a newly arrived neighbor happily walking her big dog in his sober suit of brown who stops at each house informing other canines there’s a new dog in town warning Anderson’s cat that she may want to rethink territorial privilege Even the squirrels seem upset climbing out of reach alerting the crows who make menacing dives at the new intruder Across from us the Samoans are lifting a couch onto their Ford pick-up a foreboding sign their brief stay in the hood is over The gay couple further down are “on their way to San Jose” there publishing books for children has a better market Meanwhile the postal wagon has narrowly missed the moving van there to haul away household furnishings Coming up the walk two smartly dressed watchtower ladies in bright bonnets bibles in hand with free literature proclaiming a better way to search the heart and try the wit Jackie calls from the kitchen the door bell is ringing