Poetry Corner

by Arthur Mampel

Backlash of Goodness

When the flag of deception
unfurled over the land of the brave
sends out its broadcast of lies
benumbing sound reason with
perjury and embroidered facts
heard with ear drumming frequency
to diminish the noble spirit
When the shadows come and
the light dims, who’s to stop
a backlash of goodness to
temper deceit with thoughtful reply
and falsehood with straight talk

An Editorial Evening

It looks quite proper at first glance
So wise and prudent, sharp and smart
like nothing has been left to chance
as though the grouping of one heart
But you will note as evening wears

the skills of most attendees there
grow lax and lazy, hardly able
to navigate a steady course
They eat and drink around a table
Their thoughts adrift from south to north

Their laughter and their comic wit
ignites like fire in the room
And thoughts so grandiose and fit
grow merry as the hours zoom
Would I change the way they are

Would I ask for court room manner
not for the wealth of Zanzibar
nor to wear a kingly banner
not for the mountains in Peru
or an evening in Parie

To be on board with such a crew
to share such camaraderie
I liken to a priceless gem
that’s pinned upon a beggar’s coat
It touches something that’s within

alive and burning in the throat
So merry when their voices raise
in song against the crush of night
How can we not — but laugh and praise
as they turn darkness into light