Post: Readers Respond

Note: Friends of Pietisten gathered to celebrate 30 years on Vashon Island, Washington in August and at Covenant Village in Minneapolis in December. We received these greetings from those celebrating long distance:

Congratulations, Pietisten, on

30 years! We love you. And deeply appreciated the work you are doing. Blessings! Peace and love,

Phil, Tom, Art, and Arv

To everyone there tonight, gathered around Pietisten and its word to the world, congratulations on how you have handled the mission for 30 years now. Keep the messages rolling, will you? We need your minds and hearts. You, dear ones, have the gift of tuning us up.

Bob Dvorak, Bradenton, Fla.

Greetings to you who gather for the 30th anniversary celebration of our prestigious magazine, Pietisten. Our loss is not being with you for such a high time in our magazine’s life. Our time apart from you leaves us feeling cheated and envious. I will enclose a poem I wrote for such an occasion a few years back (see front page). Otherwise, blessed be the tie that binds.

Art and Jackie Mampel, Seattle, Wash.

Pietists – Congratulations on 30 years of bringing blessings, engaging with friends, and nurturing thankful hearts. It has been a unique pleasure for me to be a roving reporter and slip a few things in an issue here and there. Pietisten was born at 3232 – 47th Ave South in Minneapolis, and it was my honor to be a house guest there a few weeks ago hosted by the editor emeritus. The same place where Willard Berggren once remarked, “Pietisten is great, but what do you expect? Have you seen who they have over there?”

Thanks to the new Pietists that are keeping the flame lit.

Bob Bach, Angels Camp, Calif.

Congratulations Phil and all the others who have made Pietisten such a great success. It is one of the few periodicals I very much look forward to, even more so now that I have turned 80 and have less excitement in my life. Blessings to you all.

Dr. Tim Johnson, Lincoln, Mass.

Friends, Can you believe it’s been thirty years since the first issue of Pietisten redivivus showed up in the post? The blessed band of brothers that hatched the plan to revive the nineteenth century herald of awakening that had been sleeping for half a century can little have dreamed that it would reach and bring benediction to so many of the faithful scattered across the land and the world. Congratulations on countless articles, recipes, sports predictions, and motor boat ads! You intended blessing and you brought it. And as for taking people as they are, well, check the list of contributors!

Tom Tredway, Hampton, Ill.

Dear Phil, I can hardly believe that Pietisten is celebrating its 30th anniversary tonight! I have been a subscriber to it for all that time. You worked with some great people, many friends of mine as well. This note is to tell you how grateful I am to you for your leadership as editor of Pietisten for so many years! You kept me abreast of not only the past history of Pietism (i.e. Waldenström), but you addressed issues that are alive in our world today. Greetings to the brothers and sisters present tonight for the celebration. I wish I could be present. Peace to you all,

Ralph Sturdy, Lincoln, Neb.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate this most recent Pietisten. You seem to have some real heavy hitters… Jay Phelan’s message is an important call to raising our social consciousness. I’m also quite impressed by Jay’s appropriate reference of “whitesplaining,” which absolutely made me chuckle. Who knew he was so hip? Dr. G. Timothy Johnson’s illustration of “God’s unfolding new truth in his creation,” is truly inspiring to me, it encourages me and reminds me that I am not alone on thought.

These are exciting times, and though the circulation may be small the truth in this periodical is impactful! Fruit for the soul, indeed. Thank you!

Anya Milton, Ferndale, Wash

On the recommendation of Jay Phelan (A Pietist’s Bookshelf, spring/summer 2016) I read “Like Dreamers: The story of the Israeli paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem and divided a nation.” I too found it to be a fascinating read. I would also encourage the reader to become acquainted with materials published by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) (2011) which explores in considerable depth the complexities of the issues and in particular the role of the church. I have found their congregational study guide (DVD & booklet) titled “Zionism Unsettled” very helpful. These materials can be found at http://store.pcusa.org

Dick Nystrom, Portland, Ore.

Thanks for the great spring/summer issue, especially Arv Adell’s article on a pre-memorial service. It’s a good reminder to pray with the psalmist: “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” However, a financial paper I received said an 80-year-old male can expect to live 8.8 more years. That would give us an extra 18 months, over Arv’s internet source. Let’s get on with our bucket lists! Keep up the good work.

Allan Johnson, Portland, Ore.

Having reached 80, as have they, I enjoyed the Adell/Mampel/Tredway ageless trifecta. It brought back wonderful memories of North Park, Augustana and beyond. Their friendship has enriched my life and I am hugely blessed. Craig Anderson’s journey led to First Covenant, Rockford, to whom I owe big time kudos for their support, especially during my Army years. I shared Pietisten with a friend ordained by the Covenant in Sweden. He loves it! Thanks for your efforts to teach, encourage, entertain and challenge. God Bless.

Dan Danielson, Colorado Springs, Colo.