Enjoy it while you can

by Eric Nelson

A note about the Sports Prophecy: I was too busy watching baseball last fall to write a column, so instead we are reprinting a Sports Prophecy from a 1908 issue of Pietisten. It was written shortly after the Chicago Cubs won the 1908 World Series, and still feels relevant for today’s fan. This is translated from the original Swedish.

October 1908

They have done it again! The mighty Chicago Cubs have won back-to-back World Series. What a team! There is no question that they are going to win a lot more championships in the next few years. There is no stopping them now! The Cubs will be the greatest team for a century, certainly better than those New York Highlanders (aka Yanks).

And how could the Cubs not keep winning when they have the marvelous infield of Tinkers, Evers and Chance? Frank Chance, also the manager, is the best in the game. But he does make some curious managerial moves, like using his hard-throwing reliever too much in the World Series. It all worked out fine — probably because these Cubs are the luckiest team in baseball!

The excitement about the Cubbies is quite palpable. All over the place you find people wearing Cub hats while driving their Tin Lizzies. With the Cubs winning it’ll be hard to get tickets to the ballpark next season. In order to see a game one might need to watch from the rooftop of a building in the outfield. Perhaps they will build a new shiny field for the Cubs soon — all the ball clubs seem to be doing that these days.

Here’s to many more championships in the years to come! This team will be flying the W for a long, long time!