Post: Readers Respond

Having flunked out of [North Park] at the end of my freshman year, I nevertheless really appreciated the liberal arts courses I managed to attend and my short “socially successful” tenure on campus. What a great gift. Kurt Peterson’s article [“A Vision for North Park University,” Spring/Summer 2017] outlining ten principles is very good. I particularly like # VII… “welcoming Christianity that makes room for both progressive and conservative expressions of faith.”

I’d like to underscore that and include those who hold secular political views as well. Let’s not become a school that leans to only one viewpoint politically, which I feel NPU has done in recent years. If you’re going to be in bed with Sojourners, also include a professional conservative Christian lobbying group. (My preference – don’t line up with either).

Missions and community welfare are very important and should be emphasized as Kurt points out, but a liberal arts education is also great soil for those interested in business and other professions. I’m very proud of NPU for offering an MBA.

I don’t want to be divisive…I hope the Covenant can get through these tough times and be the beacon of light we all had the good fortune to grow up in.

Gordy Halverson, Kingston, Washington

Dear Glen,

I recently read the report that you sent to Pietisten [“Glen Wiberg Arrives in Heaven,” Spring/Summer 2017], and felt it appropriate to send a response[…]. I am glad for you, although you are missed here on the planet. […] When you see Bryan Leech tell him we sang two of his hymns on Sunday at the Ravenswood Church…wonderful hymns. One hymn was “Glimpses of Glory”…for us, and you’ve now seen the whole “picture.” […]

Oh, do you remember when we were at your home in Ohio when Tim Nordstrom your intern pastor got married? I was his best man and we stayed with you and Jane, and as usual you exhibited a generous portion of hospitality. As you may recall the wedding consisted of your appropriate solemnity, and the family’s frivolity. Jane and I reminisced about that event at your memorial service at Salem Covenant Church.

Well Glen, again thanks for the report you sent to Pietisten …it was good to hear from you…and it is helpful to get another perspective on your “living” quarters. I don’t know what you folks in heaven know about our earthly happenings … and we’re all rather curious as to what heaven is like, and what we can expect. The Bible doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but we keep looking and wondering […]. We know that God created us, and we are his finest creation, so what he has prepared eternally must be good…. I am not worried. My faith carries me. The new heaven and the new earth sounds like something a holy God would do… I’ll wait and see… stay in touch… ‘til then.


LeRoy L. Carlson, Chicago, Illinois