News and Notes

Pastors attending the Covenant Midwinter Conference this past January all received copies of our documentary film, God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good: The Story of Pietism, which Pietisten released in early 2017. The film was produced by Tim Frakes, written by Mark Safstrom and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, and narrated by G. Timothy Johnson, with distribution by Vision Video. Many thanks to Donn Engebretson and the staff at Covenant Offices for arranging the distribution!

Haven’t yet seen the film? Ask your pastor if he or she received a copy, and arrange a viewing party at your church. The accompanying study guide can facilitate viewing and discussions over several Sunday school sessions.

Funding to cover the cost of the 1,200 copies of the DVDs at the Midwinter Conference was made possible by the many readers of Pietisten who donated to that 2015 fundraising campaign, as well as special gifts in memory of the late Rev. Glen Wiberg from the following friends:

Dotty and Craig Anderson

Colleen and LeRoy Carlson

Sandra and James Holst

Joyce and Dave Oseland

Armour Swanson