Upper Room

by Mindi Bach

This wilderness casts shadows of gloom,
Like a path leading only to doom,
It has led to a door,
Never opened before,
I step into a small upper room.

I behold a table before me,
Set with elements that might just restore me,
There is bread and a cup,
Inviting me to sup,
With a note placed by one who adores me.

I’ve brought nothing to add to the meal,
I sit down, wondering if all this is real,
The host looks into my eyes,
And to my utter surprise,
Comes near so He humbly can kneel.

I protest in shocked disbelief,
At this king serving a filthy thief,
I try to sink to the ground,
Saying it’s the other way around,
Surely I was called to bring Him some relief.

But His words hold me fast to my seat,
Unless cleansed, He said I cannot eat,
I was utterly unnerved,
As he patiently served,
By humbly bowing and washing my feet.

He took bread and broke off a piece,
Worldly craving and striving did cease,
Then the one true vine,
Gently held out the wine,
Signed and sealed His gospel of peace.

He asked me to open my note,
And read the message he lovingly wrote,
A certificate of adoption,
Canceled all other options,
Clothed forever by His righteous coat.

Could we both claim the same sovereign parent?
When I arrived filthy and utterly transparent?
Is this table my home?
Never more will I roam?
Surely this note was nothing but errant?

But he read about me in his will,
All his wealth, my coffers to fill,
A kingdom without end,
No laws to amend,
All He asked is I trust and be still.

This wilderness was no wilderness at all,
It was the world that was making me fall,
Only here could I know,
The one adoring me so,
Torn down was my crumbling wall.

No more striving to go it alone,
Fruitless building a room on my own,
With my cancelled sin,
He grafted me in,
Fit securely on His cornerstone.

It is amazing to truly believe,
He led me here to only receive,
In His house I learned,
There is nothing I’ve earned,
His gifts greater than I could conceive.

In that room was a joyful reunion,
Shared together in Holy Communion,
A meal undeserved,
Bread of life I was served,
Christ in me, unbreakable union.

“Broken and Shed,” art by Linda Carlson