And then there was Jim

Verses in memory of Rev. James Sundholm (1945-2020)

by Doug Johnson

Bearing genetics of a prophet,
Jutting jaw, sturdy frame;
Eyes piercing, voice raising
Mercy’s word to be made plain.

In his strength a tenderness,
In his tenderness a strength;
A crier in the wilderness
Prophet-like for Jesus’ sake.

A broad chest, an urban heart
Boots sufficient for the journey long;
Rest was not on his agenda
Grace would ferry him along.

Every meeting memorable,
In conversation, ever a gift;
Speaking into the silence of need,
A word never to be missed.

A body wearied fights no more,
Anguish of earthly pain, vanquished;
Spouse, family, friends and Church,
Shudder to think that Jim is gone.

Now there’s rest for Christ’s servant
And deeds that follow after;
But there’s music still a ‘sounding
Love’s unbroken chord, a witness to his Master.