Sports Prophecy by Eric

by Eric Nelson

Who would have thought we’d get a March Madness for the ages, a series of records set during just the first week of the major league baseball season and a gallery at the Masters witnessing something that has never happened before in golf history?

What a spring it has been!

Michael Jordan’s film “The Last Dance” was a wonderful trip down memory lane for a Chicago Bulls team that, well, we all thought to be the greatest of all-time – until this year’s NBA playoffs, which settled that debate for the ages! What are the odds the nation’s attention would be transfixed by basketball through May and June in 2020, with huge crowds gathering shoulder-to-shoulder in the public squares of several American cities – even those without an NBA team!

It’s been a renaissance of a spring for American sports, with an uprising of interest and hope for even the most woebegon of fan bases. The number of joyful hugs shared in the bleachers during these heady days has been quite something. If you haven’t been watching or at the games this season, you’ve missed so much!

Sports fans, it’s felt like a dream since March. Or … has it really only been one? The prophecy calls for more good days on the greens, the diamonds, the courts and the fields to come in the future, and hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.