Do not be afraid, Jesus said

by Gracia Grindal

Do not be afraid, Jesus said,
I have conquered sadness and death,
In the shadowed night
I will be your light.
Rest in my arms, be not afraid!

Have no fear
I am here,
Fear no evil, I will give you rest.
Mercies brimming in your cup,
I will raise you up.
Come, dwell with me forevermore.

When around you strife and unrest
Fill your hearts with grief and distress,
I will carry you,
I will see you through.
Rest in the warmth of my caress.


I am the good Shepherd who goes
With you through the valleys of woe.
Comfort I will give
So that you may live.
Safe in green pastures, rest your souls.


The hymn text is included here by permission of Hope Publishing Company.