Bjorlin, David

David Bjorlin is a pastor at Resurrection Covenant Church in Chicago and teaches the worship classes at North Park Theological Seminary. He is studying liturgy and hymnody at Boston University School of Theology.

Sightings in Christian Music (Fall/Winter 2017)

As a worship leader and a hymn writer, the past year has left me wondering how the church can respond to dangerous political rhetoric and action directly opposed to the central narrative of hospitality and welcome presented in Scripture. In light of a leader elected on the promise of border walls, Muslim bans, and opposition to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), it seems clear to me that a true Pietist movement rooted in the immigrant experience has a responsibility to speak and act on behalf of the stranger and foreigner in our midst. Further, I am convinced that part of the way we envision how to engage well in political discourse and social action is formed by the words we sing and pray in worship.