Hawkinson, Erik

Erik G. Hawkinson is the former Dean of North Park Seminary. Dean Hawkinson was beloved by many. He died May 15, 1984.

When I Am Gone (Winter 1988)

Beautiful Christianity (Summer 1990)

Christian teachers throughout the centuries have recognized this as the classic text which portrays the beautiful Christianity. I need not tell you there is such a thing as beautiful Christianity. It is the Christianity that has, through the years, actually propagated itself and has had the power to carry the burdens of life. And whenever Christianity has ceased to become beautiful, it has always had a hard time.

The Towel: John 13:3, 4 (Fall 1990)

There is never a day so long, but there comes at last the time for evensong. As part of my evensong, I wish to thank you for these beautiful days we have spent together. I said in Mission Springs, and I can say here, that I never begin a conference like this without a great fear and I never end it without a great regret.

The Burden Bearer: Isaiah 53:5-6 (Spring 1991)

I love every portrait of Jesus, both the prophetic portraits in the Old Testament and the historical portraits in the New. I love him as a miracle-worker. I love him as a teacher. I love him as a familiar friend. I love him as a returning Saviour. But under present circumstances, I think I love him best as the burden-bearer.

The House of Faith: John 14:1 (Fall 1991)

With fear striking into the hearts—the very deepest part—of his frail friends, he said: “Let not your heart be troubled. believe in God, believe also in me.”

Zenos (Winter 1999)

The feelings are like it just happened yesterday. But it happened almost two years ago. My grandfather died of a stroke.

Leave Me Alone (Summer 1999)

I’m driving down the highway and a car passes me on the right. As it passes, I see on the back bumper a shiny outline of a fish. I shake it off and continue down the road until I see a huge sign that says: "The Lord is God!"

Out and About (Summer 2002)

First reflection on crossing the Atlantic; California Wedding