Wiberg, Jane

Jane Wiberg lives in Golden Valley, Minnesota and is a floral artist.

Revisiting the Past (Fall 1998)

Can it be nearly fifty years since Glen and I first took that winding road to an obscure hamlet in the Connecticut hills called Haddam Neck? It was a delight to go back now, with autumn in its full splendor, to celebrate the centennial of our first church. This was the fifth centennial of our five churches and Glen preached at each one.

Sightings in Christian Music (Summer 1999)

Many years ago, we attended the summer school sponsored by St. Olaf College at the University of Oslo. We were two kids right out of college, married only a few days, going to school together with two hundred American students in a strange land, enjoying it but also a bit homesick at times.

The Covenant Hymnal, a worshipbook (Fall/Winter 2016)

Last summer, Pastor Mark Pattie of Salem Covenant Church of New Brighton, Minnesota, preached a remarkable sermon using the hymnal as a “worship book” – just as it was meant to be used. We on the hymnal committee had named it precisely that: “The Covenant Hymnal; Worshipbook” and hoped it would be used not only as a musical voice but as a praying voice. As a member of the hymnal committee, Mark’s sermon gave me great hope.