Sports Seen

by Curtiss D. Johnson

We arrived just in time–before the soccer game began–and took our seats in the very back row of the lower section in the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome. Looking to the right, who should we see but a really old time Minnehaha fan, none other than Milton C.R. Carlson! He was peering intently at the soccer action on the field below. Now, here was a most faithful fan, having celebrated his 98th birthday with family that same week!

Minnehaha Soccer Team

All of us were there cheering the girls soccer team to their 23rd straight win and the Class A State Soccer Championship. It must be a first in the annals of Minnehaha sports! The big 2 to 0 win was a record itself–it was the 21st consecutive shutout by the team and by Goalie Gretchen Bratnober. I say the team because a most important part of the wins were the four defenders–Sarah Kron, Cara Jones, Julie Dahl, and Kelly Haag who tenaciously kept the ball from getting anywhere near Goalie Bratnober. “We have an incredible defense, they just work their butts off every game and it pays off,” said Bratnober. And so, with the 21st consecutive shut-out victory, and a win over St. Louis Park, they ended a dream season with the State Title in Class A Girls Soccer. Congratulations from Pietisten and all of the Covenant Fans.