Introducing Karl Nelson, Online Editor

Seattle Scholar Propels Pietisten into Cyberspace

by Phil Johnson

Pietisten cherishes youth. We pray for young writers and the willing hands of fresh people. Answers have come. We note contributors like Max Carlson, Erik Hawkinson, Nels Elde, Nathan Eklund, Eric Johnson, Matt Bergstrom, Martha Rosenquist, Ruth Koontz, Ryan Eikenbary-Barber and more.

Artist's Rendition

The loss of a beloved friend, Curtiss Johnson, has become the occasion for a new infusion of youth. The editor had the good fortune to meet Karl Nelson, Curt’s grandson, at the funeral home and again at Salem for the Memorial Service. This conversation led to Pietisten’s new web page—www.pietisten.org—thanks to Karl. Karl works as an Apple Computer representitive and plans to enter graduate school this fall to study history. He is especially interested in the Vietnam War period.

We are delighted with Karl’s touch, which is an expression of the spirit of Pietisten. We know you will enjoy our Home Page if you visit it. Karl’s interest in Pietism runs deep. He and his father, Bryce Nelson, have been teaching a Sunday School class on Pietism at First Covenant Church in Seattle.

Can there be any question that our good friend Curtiss is delighted by this development? We know, too, that Grandmother Lorraine is.